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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do you charge?
    • Our rates are extremely competitive.  Our overriding philosophy is that the client need not pay attorney level, or competitor level rates in order to get their needs met.  We set our rates depending upon the project or needs of the client with less complex projects enjoying lower rates.
  • How can I afford to bring a CFO into my organization?
    • We will work with you to ensure that the cost of utilizing us is within your tolerance level.  We do this through either adjusting our rate to fit your budget and afford us a fair return, and/or stretch the time over which the services are performed to allow you to operate within your cash flow needs and limitations.
  • Do you require a retainer?
    • No – we bill semi-monthly.
  • Do you charge different rates within a client engagement depending on the level of work performed?
    • Yes, within an engagement we track the type of work done, day by day, hour by hour, and adjust our rates for simpler work. Our intent is to provide the best quality at the lowest cost in the industry.  Our philosophy is not to bill as much as possible as too many professional firms do, in time billed or in our rates.
  • Do you charge for minor expenses, like faxing, etc.?
    • Absolutely not.  Furthermore, for phone conversations under 10 minutes, we do not bill at all.
  • What if I am unhappy with the work performed?
    • We discuss your expectations in the beginning of the engagement.  If you believe we did not perform up to your expectations, we would review this with you, and if you are still unsatisfied, we’d take out the billing for those aspects not met.
  • Will engaging you bend my other employees “out of shape”?
    • We pride ourselves on client involvement.  By respecting all employees and by including them into the issues that need attending whenever possible, we are able to attain not only co-operation, but usually increased morale.
  • Can you obtain a bank loan or other financing for me?
    • By implementing our processes for how to present a company to lenders, we exponentially increase loan acceptance.  In addition, we have a large base of contacts we can refer your company’s financial prospects to.  We present your company to the lender in the best light and in a confidence building format.
  • How many hours per week will you be working?
    • That depends on the project or need.  It can be as few as a couple hours per week to full time plus – it depends.  We also offer monthly follow-up and review of financial results and needs if you would like that.  This only takes a couple of hours per month and is billed at our lower rates.
  • How can you help sell my company?
    • Through professionally presenting your offering, we provide all important due diligence in concert with buyer requests, presenting clean and confidence-enhancing books and records and aiding the forming of a team of attorneys, bankers, tax professionals, valuation experts, estate planners and other 3rd parties needed to protect your interests, gain the best value for your company and consummate your deal.
  • Our Specialty
    • Creating projections, turning them into milestones and then measuring them.  Without a bottom-up multi-year projection it would just be luck for you to reach your business goals.  By creating understandable and comprehensive projections you are able to constantly have a finger on the pulse of your finances and business.  We pride ourselves on doing this in a fast and efficient manner.

Business Plans FAQ

We create, in an extremely short period of time, comprehensive and professional business plans ready to be presented to 3rd parties such as lenders, investors, and other vested groups.  Our cost to do this is many thousands of dollars less than you can possibly get elsewhere.  Here are some frequently asked questions.

  • What is involved in me getting a business plan?
    • You need only participate in our 3-Step process which will take about 2 hours of your time over two separate sessions. 1 hour to define the assumptions of your business and another hour to fine tune the rough draft.
  • How comprehensive will my business plan be?
    • Your business plan will be a complete professional package of an accepted version of a business plan with all 7 sections (see sample Index on the web site).
  • Will my business plan be geared toward investors?
    • It will be an Investor ready plan with all the sections investors expect, including a section on funding and return on investment.
  • What are some uses for my business plan?
    • Your plan can be used as a guidance system for your business when you plan your business, as well as for cash flow planning, strategic planning, attracting investors, obtaining a bank loan, use as a budget, use for setting management objectives and incentive plans, and finally, for “what-if” types of analysis.
  • When is it time to do a business plan?
    • Everyone should have a business plan, but some critical times especially to do one are when you are trying to attract investors, applying for a bank loan, trying to better understand and run your business and at times of the expansion of your business.
  • Will it be costly for me to obtain a business plan?
    • No, with some services business plans can cost upwards of $7,500 or more. However with our system there is no need to charge this much due to our experience and efficiency in drawing up a plan. With our 3-Step process it significantly lowers the cost.  We charge a flat fee and we take the risk that it takes more time for your plan than we expect.